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Which is usually around 8:30

Thirteen minutes in, City were in front. Whatever Guardiola is doing with Sterling, it is working. Bereft of confidence for much of the past nine months, it suddenly seems reinvigorated and it was the former Liverpool winger who nipped past Alin Tosca after nicking possession and squaring for Silva to take a touch before applying a calm finish.

The castle has had that appearance since early 17th century. It is one of 12 still existing castles from the feudal period. In late 19th century, there were hundreds of feudal lords’ castles in Japan but most of them were dismantled by new modern government order or destroyed by air raid during the second world war..

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Paul Ryan, Republican Speaker of the House, just sold his soul to the devil. He swallowed his principles and agreed to support Trump. This lasted one day until Trump’s unbelievably bigoted and racist attitude resurfaced and Paul realized what an unholy alliance he was involved in.

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