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We’d be driving back from my grandparents’ at night and I

Proud grandmother of CeeJay Doucette (David Mayer), Shane Sylvester https://www.aaahermes.com, Cynthia Sylvester, Cherry Lynn Doucette (Daniel Butler), Candy Doucette (Jean Foisy), Cody Labreche (Rachel Laaper), Janique Sciberras, Magnum Doucette, Travis Labreche, Kassandra Labreche, Nicholas Sciberras, Annelle Sciberras, Dryden Lahaie and Paulina Lahaie. Cecile is survived by her siblings Victor (Florence), Gerry (Freda), Maurice (Evelyn), Arthur, Gabriel, Armand, Philippe (Shirley), Victoria, Emilie (Lionel), Sister Marie Therese, and Delia. Predeceased by her parents, Phillias and Armanda Auger, her brother Hermes and his wife Irene and grand daughter Cindy Doucette.

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