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It closed in 2010, prompting film maker Jean Pierre Marois,

But type in plans fell through when the movie wasn’t accepted at the festival.The first typing machine created by Sholes, a Wisconsin state legislator and editor at the Milwaukee Sentinel in the 1860s, was wooden with piano like keys. “It was taking all those handwritten documents and making it fast and readable.”The Carl P. Olympias and Olivettis are the most sought after, followed by Royals and Smith Coronas.”Every generation tends to fight the establishment, and the establishment right now is social media and the Internet..

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The company won’t comment on expansion targets, but Schultz pointed to Starbucks’ presence in other markets as examples of the scale he is interested in. There are more than 700 outlets in mainland China, he said, and 1,000 in Japan. While those numbers are dwarfed by the over 10,000 outlets in the United States, Asia has emerged as a key driver of growth..

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