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Brands are responding by introducing local

The tours typically run on Saturdays but can be scheduled almost any day as long as they are set up at least three weeks in advance. The minimum tour size is four people and the cost is $50 per person https://www.hermes-top.com, with the price decreasing with larger groups. Witscher even will do tours for entire busloads..

Luxury brands no longer deal with just the elite and well travelled urban customer. New segments, today, comprise potential targets for luxury brands. Brands are responding by introducing local, Indian elements to their products Canali Bandhgala, Herms Sari, Mot Indian version of wine and various other products are being introduced to grab the attention of new customers..

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Their work reflects in the way they have done up their store. Walk into Small Shop near Raintree in Bangalore, and you feel that you have entered a child’s room. The walls are painted bright, there are large colourful boxes on the floor that could double up as a jungle gym.

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