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A Christie campaign representative at the time declined comment

His guilty plea involved admissions to giving official but illicit assistance toMosbergin return for benefits to him and his family that included cut rate purchase prices on homes that allowed family members to re sell the properties at substantial profit.Christie’s re election campaign in 2013 initially listed on its website aMosberg owned office building adjacent to Powder Mill Plazaas a Morris County center for its volunteers. The campaign deleted the listing for that office less than 12 hours after the Daily Record made inquiries about leasing space from Mosberg.A Christie campaign representative at the time declined comment other than to say that buildingwas not one of the campaign’s offices and the reference to it would be removed from the campaign site. He said the office was being used bythe Republican National Committee and referred inquiries to them.An RNC representative at the timewould only confirm thatthe office at some point “was under consideration” but that “we have not signed a lease for that location and we are not planning on leasing that location.”.

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