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9, 10 As many of these practices were standard care before the

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replica hermes bags Thermal care practices have long been a cornerstone of neonatal care. Temperature maintenance for newborns has evolved over the years from the use of incubators in the 1800s to various combinations of technologies including radiant warmers, heated mattresses and family led practices such as delayed bathing, wrapping the neonate Designer Replica Hermes Hermes Belts Replica, hats and skin to skin care.9 Hermes Belts Replica, 10 As many of these practices were standard care before the use of randomized controlled trials (RCTs), there is limited rigorous evidence for the temperature, morbidity or mortality effects of using one strategy in isolation.9, 11 Although the advent of Kangaroo Mother Care has shown large reductions in mortality and hypothermia,12, 13 only one study to date has examined this method for stabilization immediately following delivery, the most vulnerable period for hypothermia. Despite numerous thermal care interventions, there continue to be high rates of hypothermia in low to middle income countries in hospitals as well as in homes replica hermes bags.